« A journey with colours »
For Art Basel this year, Netjets tasked me with illustrating the experience of traveling on one of its aircrafts. I created a large triptych of paintings – hung at the lounge’s entrance – and a series of smaller figures that adorn a corner of the space.
My goal was to let viewers imagine their journey through the images. Some visitors may see outlines of countries and geographic morphology; others might find stylised birds and clouds.
‘It’s a call to a dreamy journey,’  ‘When you fly, you can also dream, and to capture this quality I took inspiration from the design of a plane in the sky and the evasion of reality. The painting will invite visitors to travel in it, and bring them good feelings, serenity and positive energy.’
Painting: Acrylic and spray paint on 3 X –  180/180cm – 2018 (Sold)
Installation: Acrylic and spray paint on cutted wooden shapes. Various sizes – 2018 (Sold)
Pictures © Nathan Gallagher & Oli-B