Project I worked on for couple of months with Google.

I was asked to create an artwork to express on the outside of the Saint-Ghislain Data Center (BE) what’s happening inside of it, and the design was hand painted directly on the big building.
I created a few big coloured clouds filled with abstract and figurative elements that remind us the purpose of the cloud computing, the employees of the Data Center and the soul of the environment, cities, nature,… around Saint-Ghislain.

Thanks to all of the people involved in this super nice project.

All the pictures and videos here >

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Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_3 Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_2



Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_9  Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_6 Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_5

As You can see, Two more walls were painted at the data center of Saint Ghislain : Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_10Oli-B_Google_TheDataCenterMuralProject_11